Delivery of Full Road Package Tiger Brennan Drive Extension

We successfully delivered two projects to complete the Tiger Brennan Drive works in Darwin, NT.

The rock was the hardest we’ve seen. You would normally drill and blast it. However, with residents so close, we had to find a creative alternative....... And it worked. Sam Cook, Director

Project 1: Early Works

Early works package of bulk earthworks, 9km. At peak, supplied between 80–90 personnel and 38 machines on site (12 months).

Project 2: Road Package

Bulk earthworks to completion. Installation and management of gravel pavements, drainage, street lighting backbone, all traffic signalling and ITS, surfacing, concrete works, ground improvements, culvert management

Overcoming challenges

The Tiger Brennan extension project presented a number of unique challenges. Chief devised, planned and executed innovative techniques to solve problems without disturbing residents close to the project site.

Unstable mangrove mud

It was four metres deep, very unstable and needed to support a new road. Cement was mixed with the mud to make it hard and stable. We constructed the road over the top, timed with the movement of the tide, building bund walls and installing major box culverts.

Proximity to residents

A robust environmental plan established safe solutions for managing dust, vibration, noise and potential environmental issues such as erosion and saltwater run-off with minimal disruption to nearby residents.

Extremely hard rock

Measuring upwards of 120 MPA. Other attempts using the standard bulldozer and ripper had been unsuccessful and costly. Blasting wasn’t an option given the residential area, so we suggested a surface miner, a relatively unknown machine in Darwin. We transported the 130-tonne machine from Perth, and it worked, delivering a fast, even cut.

Traffic management

We delivered a substantial portion of this project under live traffic conditions with minimal disruption.

Providing solutions

Bringing together the collective power of the Chief network, we coordinated the delivery of earthworks services for the Tiger Brennan extension project.

Qualified earthmovers

Team of contractors

Innovative equipment

Project management