Completion of Internal Roads and detailed excavations Stockyard Hill Wind Farm

Stockyard Hill Wind Farm

Chief Group were responsible for constructing the Internal Roads, Hardstands, completing the detailed excavations for the wind turbine Foundations and  installing the drainage culverts

Work Challenges

Chief Group had to work extremely hard and establish many relationships with several stakeholders and update delivery/construction processes to satisfy client requirements. 

The team met those challenges and delivered the project satisfactorily and on time.

Stakeholder Management

Maintaining engagement with the public, council and client was crucial during construction, Chief Group Civil worked to minimize the impact of works on the business and public, interacting with local farmers and livestock

Environmental Management

Environmental considerations included working within the Glenelg – Hopkins River Catchment area. Several waterways and waterbodies were within the immediate vicinity of the project site. Chief Group maintained 100% compliance to environmental considerations and requirements. The cultural heritage management plan identified a number of flora and fauna disturbance areas which were managed well.

Qualified Personnel

Experienced earthmovers

Plant and Equipment

Project management