At the forefront of everything we do Chief HSEQ

Our ISO Accredited systems and approach to this ever changing industry is refreshing. We believe in transparency and continual development while delivering infrastructure that meets our clients requirements.

Chief promotes continual improvement in the management of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) with the ultimate objective of creating a culture where we strive towards achieving HSEQ excellence.

We do this by continually learning, listening and developing throughout the journey's we undertake within the construction industry.


Our ISO accredited systems have been developed with the thought of our clients and stakeholders in mind.

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We have a unique approach to safety.  We believe in honest reporting and concentrating on lead indicators.

There are no catch cries or safety buzz words.  We strive in creating an environment where all people can raise concerns and everyone is empowered to change the outcome.


With Chief, the notion of Measure Twice, Cut Once has never been more accurate.  We provide the systems and processes to make this a reality along with the managerial experience.